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McGees Property Sydney

Properties in Sydney

The antecedents of McGees Sydney go back over 60 years.  Many changes have taken place within the commercial property sector during that time and the nature of our company and the skills of our team reflect those changes.

Property matters invariably mean change.  Change brings about opportunity and risk.  We all aim to maximise the opportunity and minimise the risk. 

McGees Sydney has an excellent record of assisting clients through a wide range of commercial property challenges including: tenancy matters, valuations, disposals and acquistions, relocation and property management. We understand that when choosing a property professional, clients are looking for a successful financial outcome and a reliable personal connection with their advisor. We also understand that it is the professional’s experience, integrity and ethics, which gives clients the security to make decisions based upon the professional's advice and recommendations.

McGees Sydney has a reputation for experience, knowledge and very importantly, ethics.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss the task you have at hand, the outcome you seek and how we can assist you in achieving that outcome.